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Meldrum Starts with Me...

All employees with Meldrum receive the ‘Meldrum Starts with Me …’ document, this document outlines the behaviours, traits and attitudes we expect from our employees.

The ethos behind this is everything we do starts with the individual: ‘Me’, our business and our culture are based on the fantastic people we have in our organisation.

‘Meldrum Starts with Me’ clearly sets the standards by explaining what you should ‘Know’, ‘Be’ and ‘Do’ and sets out the ‘performance principles’ for each Core Value. We are explicit in our expectations and the standards we expect.

This outlines the behaviours and expectations of what we expect from our employees and the leaders and managers of our business. Strong Leaders of our business personify our Core Values – they lead by example.

We also have a Leadership Charter which all board members have signed – this clearly outlines the qualities, behaviours and the standard we hold ourselves to. This Charter is on all noticeboards and site offices and all board members are open to being challenged if employees feel the board and leaders of our business have fallen short of standard we set.

Our People are our biggest asset, so we: clearly communicate, involve them in the decision making process, consult and listen. As a result we continue to evolve, grow and improve as a result.

"Our people are our biggest asset. We are clear in our expectations and recruit employees based on our culture and Core Values. Our Core Values are not something we simply post on a wall, they are who we are. They are the behaviours, attitudes and actions of the people in our business. Our people are our business, we therefore ensure we recruit high calibre people with the right cultural fit to work at Meldrum. We invest heavily in training and development to ensure individuals have the knowledge, skill and experience to do their job to the best of their ability."

Cheryl James, Head of Business Support Services