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Core Values

It has been widely reported that people prefer to work for companies whose values are in line with their own.  Our values are at the heart of the business and they are the principles and standards that influence the way everyone here works and behaves.

Meldrum’s reputation as a business based on ‘building solutions with integrity’ has been earned because all members of the team share the company’s values.  Dave rightly points out that his multi-million-pound turnover business would be nothing without his highly valued, and loyal workforce.

Being honest and having strong consistent moral and ethical standards combined with mutually beneficial colleague relationships in order to drive positive behaviour and culture. Respect and trusting in each other’s ability to do our job well, being accountable for our own actions and therefore being part of a successful team.

Placing a high importance on the value of the positive contribution each of us makes to the Organisation and the strength of commitment to do so

Providing a level of service in line with our Quality Environment Management Safety System (QEMS) and Best Practice

New methods of working which drives efficient behaviours and Continuous Improvement

"We employ people who share and possess the core values of our business. Integrity, Pride & Passion, Innovation and Quality are the foundation of who we are and 'how' we do what we do."

Cheryl JamesHead of Business Support Services