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Investors in People

We were first recognised by Investors in People (IiP) in 2006 and past a post recognition review in 2009. We remain firmly committed to the principles of the IiP Standard and despite the recent hard times, will not compromise our goal to have a valued, motivated and trained workforce.

Our 2009 report had glowing reviews on our staff development and company processes:

“MCS has weathered one of the most difficult periods for the building industry in the last 30 years which suggests a number of positive scenarios:

  • People in the company are working more effectively and efficiently.
  • Clients have been keen to retain the services of MCS without taking advantage of the downturn to press for unrealistic pricing of work. This would suggest a belief in quality before price.
  • Staff within the business have remained committed and motivated.

“All three suggestions are likely to be the case to a greater or lesser extent and all are affected by the quality of staff development activities in their widest sense. Interviews with staff at all levels showed MCS to be a place which recognises and values its staff but above all, respects them as individuals, whatever their role. That type of atmosphere in any business will yield good outcomes and will certainly confirm its status as an Investor in People organisation.”